Weekly Q&A with CEO — Week 1 (June 13rd)

To provide BSCS holders and community information about the project and development plans, we will start weekly Q&A with the BSC Station CEO from June 13 to July 16. In this program, you can ask anything related and upcoming plans of BSC Station.

We appreciate your participation in this important initiative. We have received many nice questions from community.

Question 1 from kuldeepcha…@gmail.com: Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Do you have a special plan to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Answer:Scofield, [Jun 13, 2021 at 3:05:56 PM]:
BSC Station platform was originally built with the aim of bringing the most benefits to the community in the field of DeFi and NFT. We believe that communities are important contributors to solve remaining problemsin the digital asset market. BSC Station believes that with a quality ecosystem, determined by the community, a transparent and optimal operating model will be the best destination for users. We are still trying our best every day to find solutions that bring maximum benefit to the community. By using BSCS funds to give more incentive, partnering with projects in Launchpad, Start Pool and NFT.,etc to provide a healthy environment, helping users get many benefits in BSC Station ecosystem. To enhance the interacts between the project and supporters, we will be conducting a weekly Q&A starting this week. In addition, AMA programs will also be held more often to provide information on a more regular basis.

Question 2 from shatah…@gmail.com: I know the cryto market is looking down, bumping/new listing for any project in this time is not good idea and still not the best ways to make our BSCS better. So, would you like to us know what’s your marketing’s plan of BSCS’s project (and BSCS token) in the furture ?

Answer: Scofield, [Jun 13, 2021 at 5:09:27 PM]:
The market at this stage fells into a strong correction after a long period of up trend. It can be seen that many coins/token prices are having a sharp decline, but I believe this is a short-term down trend, in the long-term will still be very strong. NFT is a very hot trend at the moment, when many ecosystems were born, and even the leading exchange Binance will launch NFT Marketplace at the end of this June. That shows that the DeFi market and especially NFT will explode strongly in the near future.

For BSC Station, we have been building a platform where creating as much value for users as possible. We are still integrating the development of the user community in many different aspects, such as strengthening the expansion of strategic partners, searching for quality IDO projects on Launchpad, applying NFT in combination with DeFi.
Communication strategies are still promoting very well, we will focus more resources to cooperate with blockchain Media Partners, KOLS globally to promote BSC Station brand. Besides, another extremely important thing is to improve product quality and better user interface. We still upgrading new UI and New product Features that will bring more benefits and more easier to use.

Question 3 from kselva…@gmail.com: How can you make the most of the NFT’s potential?At BSC Station, what role does NFT play?

Answer: Scofield, [Jun 13, 2021 at 5:14:31 PM]:

NFTs create opportunities for new business models that didn’t exist before. Artists can attach stipulations to an NFT that ensures they get some of the proceeds every time it gets resold, meaning they benefit if their work increases in value. The potential of NFTs goes much further because they completely change the rules of ownership. Transactions in which ownership of something changes hands have usually depended on layers of middlemen to establish trust in the transaction, exchange contracts and ensure that money changes hands.

WITH BSC Station platform, NFT plays an extremely important role of the ecosystem, where users can Mint, trade, buy, bid… In addition, holders of special NFTs in the NFT Genesis series will get more allocations in IDOs, higher farming/staking productivity (to be updated in V2), participate in NFT Vaults to open the door of other benefits), share transaction fees more (we’re upgrading)…And lots of other benefits.

Question 4 from abdyon…..@gmail.com: I am an early investor and on the second highest tier. I have seen prices surge and then dump to below my purchase price. Given so many launchpads are on the market now, and the tierd systems which seem to restrict the token price of the launchpads, what is your game plan to bring value to your ecosystem to give us the confidence to stay with your launchpads over others.

Scofield, [Jun 13, 2021 at 5:25:16 PM]:
As I mentioned before, we are in the correction phase of the market and the market is falling sharply. BSC Station’s IDO Launchpad is organized according to the Tier model scheme, the more BSCS users hold. The more allocations they will receive, which stimulates the long-term companionship of users.

In addition to allocation for IDO, we are also developing a sharing system for BSCS holders with many benefits such as sharing transaction fees, staking BSCS to earn other tokens,… many prepared projects will be listed on BSC Start Pool, promising to bring a lot of value to users. Moreover, I also prepared a sufficient budget to do market maker and keep the value of BSCS.

The value of BSCS will be gradually enhanced along with the long-term development of the project. So at the current stage, i think we no need to worry anything, keep you strong hand for BSCS

Question 5 from rihabrubaiya…@gmail.com: What are your upcoming plans and goals? Do you have any top priorities for 2021 in roadmap? Are you planning to get further security audits? As an investor for sure we can never be sure, as dApps are getting constantly exploited.

Scofield, [Jun 13, 2021 at 5:31:52 PM]:
The upcoming plan that we are doing is to launch BSC Station version 2 with many improvements and upgrades, newer, more user-friendly UI and easy to use, I can leak something as below

Our top priority is to improve existing product features, improve the value of BSCS token, buy back and burn BSCS token programs from IDO, NFT, Launchpad will be promoted strongly. and more importantly, incentive programs and bring more value to users are coming

We have completed the Audit from the early days, but we continue to cooperate with other leading Audit firm to improve and upgrade security and all issues related to the BSC ecosystem.

We still follow our Roadmap has set out from the beginning

Something BIG is coming, pls stay turned for update

Thierry, [Jun 13, 2021 at 5:40:37 PM]:
Thank you very much for your time to update to community. I will arrange and send reward to people who gave 5 questions above. See you next time at 3PM, June 18th.

The program will be held on:
✅ Week 1: 3PM, June 13rd
Week 2: 3PM, June 18th
Week 3: 3PM, June 25th
Week 4: 3PM, July 2nd
Week 5: 3PM, July 9th
Week 6: 3PM, July 16th

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